IKEA Full Size Loft Bed Design

IKEA full size loft bed – IKEA hacks provides new uses for items sold by the store. As IKEA often offer furniture at low prices that mounts easily, many times you can create a piece for less money than you would spend if you bought the same piece in a complete set. Loft beds have a raised design with the bed itself placed on a support system. The piece is similar to a bunk with the exception that the space under does not have another bed, but rather a space for the storage, processing or recording.

Make an IKEA full size loft bed, measure 77.5 inches over the wall. And also this measurement indicates the length of the full size loft bed. And then place a Billy Bookshelf perpendicular to the wall. ThenĀ set a second bookshelf beside the first. The shelves on each side should be facing out: one facing the room and toward the center of the bed. The bookshelves measures 79.5 inches tall, which makes the bed a little over 6 meters from the ground. Each shelf measures 31.5 inches wide, and will provide support for the bed.

Famous IKEA Full Size Loft Bed

IKEA full size loft bed design set an Odd bed frame on top of the shelves. Odd frame has a platform designed with an exposed front and back. Flat wooden panels at each end act as legs and support. Arrange the bed frame so that the panels overlap with your Billy bookcases on either end. Sink 2-inch wood screws in the tab on the end of the bed, driving the screw through the bed and into the bookcase. Attach Billy bookcases in the floor with L-brackets. Set a console at the end of the shelf and screw into the shelf and floor with 2-inch wood screws. Attach two L-brackets at each end of the bookshelves. Finally, screw two L-brackets at the front of each bookshelf for extra stability.

Picture Gallery of the IKEA Full Size Loft Bed Design

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