Double Full Size Loft Bed Frame

Full size loft bed frame can often best built myself because there are very few commercially available loft beds, and most are built twin mattresses. Whether you want a bigger loft bed for your child size loft bed for a vacation. A full or twin size loft bed a project that can save you a lot of floor space in your room in exchange for cheap supplies.

Full Size Loft Bed Frame Mattress

Set your four jets on the floor of a rectangle. Set the shorter beams with ends inside longer beams. Place all the beams so the narrow side (the 2-inch side) is on the floor (beams will be higher than they are wide.). Screw the beams together with two wood screws per corner. Drill through the face of longer beam and in the middle of the end of the shorter beam, with the two stacked vertically about an inch apart screws.

DIY Full Size Loft Bed Frame

Do plywood sheet on top of your rectangular frame with all edges of the sheet in flush with all edges of the full size loft bed frame. Screw the plate into place with one screw in each corner, drilled down through the plywood into the beam below. Reinforce with a screw in the center of each edge of the mattress frame. Drill the screws down through the plywood and into the beam below. For best results, run this screw in about 3/4 inches from the edge of the plywood.


Picture Gallery of the Double Full Size Loft Bed Frame

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